Sunday, 20 September 2015

Importance of Facial in Today's Life

In the fast paced world many of us tend to forget about taking care of our face. Sure we will wash it in the sink but that just gets our face clean. Getting a facial will help benefit your face and make you relaxed. Here are some reasons that you should get a facial in today’s life.
Most importantly facials will clear out your pores. With clear pores your skin is less likely to get acne or other skin blemishes. You will look good for any event that might arise or that next big date, or just for the hell of it. Looking good feels.

Facials are relaxing. Sure there are DIY home kits that you can use at home but they aren’t nearly as effective for making you feel better or cleaning your skin. Plus remember, when you do it at home facial, you have to clean up after. Once you have gotten all done with your facial and are relaxed the last thing you are going to want to do is clean up.
A professional facial will also help your face appear younger. During the facial massage portion of your facial lines, wrinkles and creases will be smoothed out. The deep massaging of the skin will also help promote collagen production which is key in keeping your skin young and smooth. Furthermore, facials will help the process of growing new skin cells.
Professionals who give facials can help you identify any issues you may have with your skin. They are often able to detect them far before anyone else. These specialists are around faces and skin all the time and it is easy for them to recognize issues with them. It is even better if you visit the same professional every time as they will be able to notice changes in your skin over time.
Taking the time out of your month to get a facial will help keep you skin clean and healthy. It will also offer you time away from your busy life to relax and do something for yourself. Let’s be honest who doesn’t like being pampered by someone else, worry free, every now and then. If you want to read more about tattoo makeup and massage Ottawa please visit,

Monday, 19 January 2015

Estheticians for more than Aesthetics

Skin is often synonymous with age, healthy skin is what we associate with youth. Sometimes our skin ages faster than others, or rather, accumulates damage or blemishes, which may or may not have anything to do with your lifestyle. Just general exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays is enough to change our skin’s health. That’s why there are skin care specialists that exist to take care of the beginning stages of skin damage and overall skin health.

Not to be confused with a dermatologist, these experts operate in day spas and salons, mostly. They are still highly-trained and are educated in knowing how to diagnose skin care problems, which they can use to determine if you need to see a medical health professional or not. Having a regular skin care specialist can be important, as they will get to know how your skin reacts to certain things and be able to guide you into making better health decisions, while being your first line of defense against things like allergens, skin disease, and even cancer.

Self-care is important

Often called estheticians, skin care experts have the ability to detoxify, cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate, de-hair, massage, and apply cosmetics to make your skin radiant again. One of the most popular skin care treatments an
esthetician will administer is a chemical peel, to remove dead skin or the beginnings of wrinkles, before they have the chance to get worse. A chemical peel sounds dangerous, but it is actually quite safe and only affects the top layer of skin.

Hair removal is also a big part of beautification, for both women and men. Ingrown hairs, unibrows, and unsightly lip hair are hard to take care of by yourself, so getting it done by a skin care specialist is almost required. They can remove hair by either waxing or by laser hair removal.

After you get all the more involved work done to your skin, your esthetician can help refresh your face with face washes, lotions, and various moisturizing products that you like best. It feels good to get a nice massage in Ottawa with a nice herbal rub to reverse that nasty dryness that we all get. Some estheticians are dual-trained in massage therapy, which is great for an all-day relaxation at the spa. The detoxification and beautification process will not only change how you look, but also how you feel and even think. You deserve to spoil yourself, your body, at least once a year.